2019 Camp O Registration

Are you ready to join us for 5 days of ‘ukulele fun and mischief, June 19 – 23, on the shores of beautiful Lake Berryessa?  Then you have come to the right place.


You can now register online with a credit card


Here are the details:

Full Registration $439

The full registration fee of $439/person covers all classes and workshops for one person, Wednesday – Sunday, and provides a place to pitch your tent or park your trailer or motor home at the Berrysessa Eco-Camp (with composting toilets and hot showers–bring quarters!).   And if camping is not your thing, you will also have the option of renting one of the tent cabins (each one sleeps eight) situated on the shores of the lake for an additional $150, which covers the cost of the entire cabin.  (Take it for yourself….or share it with a friend or two.)  And remember, this year we have 5 full-time instructors!

Full Registration with a Companion  $758 or $538

Are you bringing your spouse?  A friend? Or any one else?

If they plan on bringing their uke and taking classes AND they will be sharing a tent, trailer, or motor home with you, then the registration fee for both of you is $758, provided you both register on the same form.

If your companion plans on bringing a book, a sketch pad, a kayak or inner-tube, and will be happy just sitting in the shade of a grand old oak, paddling the waters in the lake, hiking along the brand new Berryessa North Trail, and/or listening to the rest of us make merry, then the fee for the two of you is $538.

Tent Cabins

If you don’t feel like pitching a tent or hauling a trailer, you might want to rent one of the 4 tent cabins we have available.  $150 covers the entire cabin and you can keep it all to yourself, or share it with others, as you see fit. Each cabin has 4 bunk beds and sleeps 8.  But hurry!  These won’t last long.

Meal Plan

We have various evening festivities planned around various potluck themes (everyone brings something!) but you are entirely on your own for breakfast and lunch.  But, if you’d rather take it easy and let us do the meal prep and cooking, then purchase the meal plan for $150 and forget about it, until you hear the sound of the dinner bell!

Whatever you choose, we’d love to have you join us for this long week-end of ukulele fun and hi-jinx! And we encourage you to register soon!  Space by the lake (especially for motor homes) is limited and it’s first come, first served!

Register On-Line Now!

So much fun and such a beautiful spot!

And the lake is full of water (and fish)!

All that is missing is you!


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