Where is the Lake Berryessa Eco-Camp?

The camp is located at 7850 Berryessa-Knoxville Road, just north of the Putah Creek Bridge in Napa County, California.  Click here for directions.

Do the campsites have picnic tables and fire pits?

There aren’t actually any specific “campsites.”  But there are broad grassy areas under the oak trees and by the lake with ample room to pitch a tent.  There is also plenty of room to park a trailer or an RV.  And there are more than an adequate number of picnic tables under the two ramadas, which also have power outlets.  There are a couple of communal BBQ’s….and a wood-fired pizza oven……if anyone knows how to use it!  Some of the best spots to camp are by the dock and the lake…but they are a ways away from the bathroom……

Where is the nearest store?

The nearest store, Spanish Flat Country Store & Deli, is about 8 miles away (a mile north of the Spanish Flat Campground on Knoxville Road and is open from 6am – 6pm.  They claim to have everything you could possibly need……including ice! A ways further down the road is the Turtle Rock Resort, a great place to stop for a beer, some local color, and egg rolls!  (I have no idea why they are famous for eggrolls!)


Well, we would hope that you could leave all of that business at home!  In any case, there is no WiFi, but there is exceptional cell service, especially if you have Verizon.

Can I bring my kayak?

Please do!  After years of devastating drought, Lake Berryessa is full again and the boat dock at the camp is actually floating in the water! So bring whatever water toys you have and enjoy the abundance of water!  I’ll be bringing mine, along with some extra “floaties:”  noodles, inner tubes, etc. So be sure to bring whatever might float you…..we’ll create an ‘ukulele armada!  (And don’t forget to bring water shoes……)

What about meals?  Are those included?

The short answer is “no.” Everyone will be on their own for breakfast and lunch, with the exception of the pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.  (Be sure to bring you favorite fixin’s.)  However, in the past we have all enjoyed “community” meals at dinner time (in fact, it was one of the highlights for many) and will have just a little bit of organization for the evening meal with: an ‘ukluele community potluck dinner on Wednesday night; a BBQ on Thursday Night; a Chili Cook-off on Friday night; and a Wienie Roast on Saturday night. (And don’t forget to bring the appropriate beverages to share, in addition to food.) There is power in the ramada and I’ll bet the person who makes an early morning pot of coffee will soon be the camp hero.  And……s’mores fixings will always be welcome for the evening campfire!

Having said all that, there is a meal plan available for folks who’d like breakfast and lunch taken care of for them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  You can sign up for that when you register.

My hubby is not interested in learning to play the uke.  Can he just play his harmonica along with us? And if so, what’s his fee?

We love companions who join us with other instruments during the band sessions and play-a-longs.  (Especially if they are good!) So, as long as he’s not sitting in on any of the actual classes or ukulele workshops, he can join us as a companion for an additional fee.

Are dogs allowed?

Right now the Napa Open Space District does not have a policy on dogs at the Eco-Camp.  However, we are willing to give it a try and say that well-behaved dogs are welcome provided they are on a leash at all times….and don’t bark or start howling at the moon when we start to sing!

If you have any other questions, be sure to Contact Us.



11 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. claudia diclemente

    Great news about the dogs. My Princess certainly qualifies!!!!

  2. Cindy

    Is this camp okay for beginners? Will there be some workshops specifically for beginners?

    • Yes. We will have lessons for players of all skill levels.

    • As a teacher at camp this year, I can guarantee that there will be plenty of instruction for the beginner. Small classes and one on one time will be available from me will help you get started on the musical path to ukedom.

  3. Leela Kuo

    What time is the first scheduled event? i.e., what time should I plan on getting there?

    • The first scheduled even is the Pot Luck dinner at 6pm on Wednesday. However, folks will be arriving all afternoon to get themselves set-up before then.

  4. Gail

    Unsure about meal planning. I’m anticipating pot luck on 1st night but don’t think cooler will be cold enough for 4 nights. Canned goods and pasta meals will be ok. Any other suggestions? Is there a town nearby? Also are there shade trees? Do you think canopy is needed? Thanks for your reply. Gail

    • There are shade trees and the ramadas. But you might want to bring a canopy for your tent or trailer area. The closest store is quite a ways away.

      Regards keeping food cold: a big block of ice will work better than ice cubes and dry ice will keep things frozen for a couple of days! One of the tricks I use: I fill clean, empty milk cartons with water and freeze them to use as “ice.” Then I can drink the water as it melts.

  5. ElaYne

    Are there carpools from the East Bay (Berkeley)?

  6. Debbie

    So looking forward to this event.

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