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It’s not just about the workshops, anymore!

BREAKING NEWS:   A cancellation has released an entire campsite, available for the full 4 days of the retreat.  Please contact us right away if you’re interested!  If you’re bringing a motor home or camper, this is the only option, right now, to attend camp all four days. 

Sure, we have some great workshops on the schedule already, and there will be more to come as we get our new staff members (Dave Egan and Victoria Vox) sorted out.  But there really is much more to this kind of full-on ‘ukulele immersion experience than sitting in a workshop. So, we are taking all the lessons learned from our first Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, the Yankee Invasion of Great Britain, and the West Coast and Hawai’i Island Ukulele Retreats and applying them here, to the brand new Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, to see what fun (and mischief) we can create in the context of summer camp.

One of the great things about having a “captive audience” (that would be everyone who signs up for the full camp) is that it lets us add to and modify the schedule as the week progresses, based on what the people attending want, need, and can offer.  So, while we will have three workshop areas available throughout the campground, we’ll only have one or two workshops formally scheduled at a time, leaving room on the schedule for whoever (instructors and campers, alike) wants to throw in something else, be it another workshop, jam session, or even a game. A new schedule will be posted each morning, with “blanks” ready to be filled in, if not by the staff, then, we hope, by you!

And there are loads of ways to have fun with your ‘ukulele besides sitting in workshops, watching someone else perform, or attending a “song circle.”  So we have some “special events” planned that will not only help improve your playing and add to the over-all fun, but will also build camaraderie and create new friendships, including a flash mob, swap meet, and some “poolside” follies. And don’t forget the merits of just sitting in your campsite, with nothing else to distract, while you play and practice.

And since we need the help of everyone coming to make sure things run as smoothly as possible, we are initiating a little “reward” system, in the form of “raffle” tickets for some terrific prizes, awarded for good deeds done, i.e.:

  • leading a workshop or jam
  • bringing a song to lead
  • entering the chili cook-off
  • winning the chili cook-off
  • best moustache for the “Really Bad Country Western Song” jam
  • feeding any of the staff members
  • best sun hat at the Pool-side Follies
  • best decorated tent or campsite
  • open mic and talent show performances
  • and….we’ll think of more

If you’re already signed up for Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, great!  You might want to take a look at What to Bring.

If you haven’t already signed up, I hope you will think about joining us, not just for a day, but for the whole camp (or at least the whole week-end.)  We have a number of tents sites available and, because of a recent cancellation, an entire campsite! (And I believe there are still cabins available if you are a little apprehensive about sleeping in the woods!)

So, do yourself a favor and come to camp! And don’t forget to bring your ‘ukulele!

Register for Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay

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